Cold Process Shaving Soap 5.5 oz

Cold Process Shaving Soap 5.5 oz

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WARNING!! Once you use our natural BP Cold Process Shaving Soap made from scratch, be prepared:

  1. For a Barbershop quality shave
  2. To throw the aerosol can away and  never use a commercial shaving cream again!

The natural ingredients of this ideal natural shaving soap are:

  • Coconut oil-rich, bubbly lather
  • Palm oil - stable, creamy, hard bar 
  • Castor oil - for lather and creaminess
  • Sunflower oil - for conditioning and lather
  • Olive Oil- for conditioning
  • Cocoa butter - for conditioning

Our CP Shaving Soap comes in two scents: Simply Lavender Essential Oil,  simple. all natural, and good for him & her;  or His Urban Beat, a woodsy-masculine fragrance with top-notes of lemon, lime and a splash of orange, middle-notes of petitgrain, cardamom, rosemary, lily of the valley, jasmine and rose, and base-notes of amber, white musk, fir, vetiver, oakmoss and rosewood.

The soap comes in a 5.5 ounce puck, ready to be placed in your receptacle. Ceramic is recommended.

 Ideal for travelling!!!

We offer a Boar Bristle Shaving Brush to exfoliate skin and provide maximum lather for a close, smooth shave.