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Fun & Whimsy is what this box is all about!! This box scent comes nestled in our Holidays Red signature Gift Box! 

Box Includes: 
16oz Santa Baby Bubble Dust Bubble Dust is our #1 selling item for good reason! Santa Baby Bubble Dust is scented with creamy vanilla marshmallows & icy peppermint.


Secret Santa Sugar Whip! Our Holiday Edition scented in Red Candy Apple, Cinnamon and a kiss of Roses creates a seasonally inspired scrubbing experience.

Frosty's Pal Luxury Bath Bomb Hand painted Bomb, scented in passion fruit nectar, juicy nectarine slices, with ripe mango and lemon zest.

1oz Cinnamint Chubby Stick Super hydrating, non sticky (perfect for wearing under your face mask) lip balm. Flavored in cinnamon and peppermint. Goes on clear.