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There are so many reasons to to ditch disposable butane lighters and opt for a more sustainable & safer way to light your candles. But not all electric candle lighters are built alike-not by a long shot. Please see some features and benefits of the Premium RONXs electric candle lighters below:
  • Certified Safe RONXS's leading tech and multi-protect safety systems ensure complete protection for your home and you're lighter.
  • Butane Free- No more harmful butane. RONXS uses plasma tech to eliminate the need for this harmful chemical. During the ignition, there will be the noise of “zee, zee”, which is high-voltage power generation, please use with ease.
  • Portable & Convenient It is made of plastic and is only 8.8" long. Lighter, safer, and easier to use. Especially perfect for travel camping, hiking, BBQs, cooking, fireplaces, fireworks, indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Wind & Splash ProofThe RONXS lighters adapt flameless plasma technology to prevent electrical pulses from being blown out by strong winds, which is the perfect tool for lighting under bad weather.
  • Battery Notification&USB Rechargeable This is RONXS upgraded candle lighter which can display real-time battery volume. With 200mAh rechargeable battery, RONXS lighter can spark up to 400 times when fully charged. It can be powered by both computers and power banks, so you can easily charge it on the go. It is recommended to use a normal power adapter rather than a fast charge, which may cause damage to the product.

Please read instructions and caution labels before use.

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