Rockwell Razors Synthetic Shave Brush

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The Rockwell Razors 20mm Synthetic Shave Brush is made for both the novice and experienced shaver. Crafted with technological innovation, the synthetic bristles are soft to the touch. Made with a lathe-turned black acrylic handle, the shaving brush is a purposeful tool for your daily grooming. Rockwell’s high-end synthetic bristles have excellent water retention to build a great lather, yet dry quickly after use.

  • Black acrylic handle is both durable and hefty.
  • Synthetic bristles don’t harm badgers or other animals, and also do not take on the strong stink of badger bristle brushes and other animal-hair brushes.
  • Unique soft-tipped bristles with a firm backbone allow gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin without compromising bristle structure.

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