Paulownia Rectangle Tray Dough Bowl Candle SOLD OUT UNTIL CHRISTMAS 2021

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This piece of candle art can serve as a breathtaking table centerpiece for special dinners, or as a conversation piece when entertaining over cocktails. Holds 4 pounds of natural Soy Wax  with 11 wicks. 

Grey wash finish. Lightweight for everyday use. Hand carved by skilled artisans. Paulownia wood. 26" w x 5.7" h x 3" d.

Care Instructions: First burn must last until wax has melted and created a pool that spans the tray. This can take up to 4 hours. You must light all wicks during this and each successive burn. Do not light for more than 5 hours without cooling, as wicks will mushroom. To avoid debris in your centerpiece, snuffing out candle is best and dipping is a fairly distant second. Blowing our wicks will cause a mess.  Once cool trim wicks to 1/4".

For safety reasons, do not burn once you have 1/4" inch of wax left in the tray. This tray is made of durable paulownia wood and can be repurposed to be used for food,  such as fruit centerpieces for your table (note there will be some damage to wood when removing wicks).  We can also refill these trays for you with the scent of your choice. DM us for details.

Please read our Candle Care & Safety Blog before using.

One of the reasons we chose Paulonia wood: "Fire resistance is a feature of all Paulownia, ignition temp 420 to 430 deg Celsius as compared to average hardwood at 220 to 225 deg Celsius" . Of course NEVER leave your lit dough bowl unattended and follow all usual candle safety procedures.

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