BP All Natural Luxury Soaking Salts

BP All Natural Luxury Soaking Salts

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Take your relaxation to another level  by soaking in a bath full of our BP All Natural Luxury Soaking Salts.

We have created a unique blend of Himalayan, Epsom and European Spa Salts. These are absorbed through the skin and work to relieve muscle stiffness, and inflammation in joints. They have also been known to alleviate tension headaches and stimulate circulation.  Himalayan Sea Salt's ionic energy aid in drawing toxins from the body and have 84 essential minerals essential to health.

Our BP Luxury Soaking Salts are blended with your choice of Essential Oil:
Lavender essential oil  The health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to eliminate nervous tension, reduce anxiety, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems. The Latin name of lavender is Lavare, which means “to wash”, due to its particularly pleasant aroma. Lavender is known for its sleep inducing properties, so take a bath with our BP All Natural Luxury Soaking Salts to be on your way to a great night sleep!
Bergamot Essential Oil is a Relaxant & Sedative. The flavonoids present in bergamot oil are very good relaxants as well. They soothe the nerves and reduce nervous tension,anxiety, and stress, all of which can help cure ailments associated with stress such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression.
Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil is a Sinus Decongestant. It is a Joint & Muscle Pain Reliever and an Immune Stimulant. It is a natural antiseptic with antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties making it highly effective in treating wounds, minor cuts, acne,boils, insect bites, skin infections
Directions: Sprinkle 1/4  of BP Soaking Salts into warm bath water. Sit back and enjoy! 

    Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Himalayan Sea Salts, European Spa Salts,  Essential Oil chosen.

     **Please use caution when getting out of the tub after using this product. Oils released in the salts may make the tub slippery.*  

    Shipped in a plastic resealable pouch, ideal for travelling.  If you prefer the bottled version,  please let us know on the notes of your order