Four Seasons Annual Bath Bomb Subscription Program

Four Seasons Annual Bath Bomb Subscription Program

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Want the perfect gift idea that will make the recipient happy throughout the year? Or a way to spoil yourself with ongoing guilt free luxury! 

Botanical Propaganda is pleased to now offer our  Four Seasons Annual Bath Bomb Subscription Program that will give our online customers access to a variety of unique seasonally inspired bath bombs. Shipping will occur 4 times per year, with six bath bombs sent per shipping

Don't worry if you feel you have missed a presumed deadline-you do not need to start at any specific time! Your customized program will start from the point that you purchase, and you will have access to the next 4 shipments, scheduled below. 

Vernal Equinox                                                                                               Ship date March 21

Scents of Spring

Spring is a time of new beginnings. with flower blossoms and tree buds beginning to form. Suddenly, vibrant colors and fabulous scents appear everywhere. 

We have created the Scents of Spring collection  to  reflect  new awakenings and feelings of joy. Scents to be represented are:  lilac, fresh cut roses, honeysuckle, lemongrass, eucalyptus spearmint


Summer Solstice                                                                                            Ship Date June 20th

Scents of Summer

We have created a summer fragrance  collection that represents the happy, sweet, and sexy feelings of the summertime. Bring on the feelings of warmth, family and fun with the following fragrances: satsuma, peach, island flowers, coconut, cotton candy, watermelon.


Autumnal Equinox                                                                                         Ship Date September 21st

Scents of Fall

Autumn is the beautiful time that the leaves begin to change colors and fall from the trees. Deep reds and browns take over the landscape. This is the time as well for deep fragrances, such as:  sandalwood,  jasmine ,pumpkin, lavender, bergamot, harvest spice


Winter Solstice                                                                                               Ship Date December 5th (early to avoid delays due to Christmas Rush)

Scents of the Holiday Season

The winter season and the holidays it brings are a time of joy and family. Fragrance that are reminiscent of the holiday and represented in our Holidays Season Bath Bomb collection are: vanilla bean, spicy cinnamon,  Macintosh apples, peppermint, gingerbread, pine, 


All shipping costs included in the Annual one time subscription fee of $125.

If this is a gift and you want a personalized message included with the first box shipped, please add to the "notes" section of the online order page upon checkout. This message can be written as well on a unique Mary Mitchell printed gift card, Cambridge local artist, for no additional fee.