Mermaid Epsom Soaking Salts
Mermaid Epsom Soaking Salts

Mermaid Epsom Soaking Salts

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Our MASSIVE jar of Mermaid Soaking Salts comes in an elating dewberry scent and its main ingredient is Epsom Salts. The benefits of Epsom baths are many. Below are a few compiled by

9 Reasons Why You Should Try Mermaid Soaking Salts Bath 

  1. Ease stress:  When we are under stress our body is drained of magnesium and increases our levels of adrenaline. While some short-term stress is actually helpful to our body, long-term exposure can lead to a number of harmful conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, insomnia, blood sugar regulation problems etc. When Epsom salt is added to a warm bath, the body is ready re-supplied with magnesium. This helps with the production of serotonin, the mood-lifting chemical in the brain that promotes calmness and reduces anxiety. Bathing in Epsom salt at least three times a week will help reduce irritability as well.
  2. Promote restful sleep: If you have a hard time sleeping, like millions of other people, an Epsom salt bath will help promote a restful night. Take a bath about 30 minutes before your bedtime and follow it up with a cup of chamomile tea to bring about relaxation. 
  3. Relieve inflammation and pain:  An Epsom salt bath can help not only relieve muscle tension but also reduce inflammation that causes pain. It is a useful way to reduce the pain from migraine headaches as well.
  4. Detoxify:  We are exposed to over 21,000 toxins on a regular basis including medications, herbicides, pesticides and PCB’s. Over 80% of our food have genetically modifieingredients and more than 80,000 metric tons of carcinogens are released into the air each year in North America alone.  
  5. Improved ability of the body to use insulin, reducing the chance of diabetes.
  6. Improved heart health – preventing hardening of the arteries and reducing blood pressure.
  7. Improved nerve function due to electrolyte regulation.
  8. Improved oxygen use.
  9. Better absorption of nutrients.

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, European Spa Salts, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sunflower Oil, Dewberry Fragrance Oil, Skin safe colorant