Our grand collection of all things Scrubs! Choose from our Sugar Whip, Sugar Buff, Salty Whips & Shower Whips! 

Sugar/Salty Whip! Our small batch Whipped Soap Scrub will gently exfoliate your skin. Once the sugar/salt dissolves you are left with a creamy luscious body wash! 

Sugar Buff! Packed full of skin loving butters and oils this scrub exfoliates and hydrates- leaving your skin nourished and moisturized. Perfect use before shaving or waxing! 

Shower Whip! This is the house made base for our Whipped Soap Scrub- minus the scrub! Use this as a creamy dreamy body wash and shave soap! 

Facial Whips! Gentle lathering beauty base made in house, blended with essential oils, clays and botanical extracts

*external use only and keep water our of jar