The Natural Healing Benefits of Bath Salts

BP Client Focus

Botanical Propaganda Bath & Body prides itself on offering natural, sustainable, small batch products handmade locally that will enhance the quality of life of our valued customers, primarily through luxurious guilt free bathing. We are happy to announce that Dr. Stephanie Farwell will be offering our BP Soaking Salt Collection in her office. Please see Dr. Farwell’s note below on the restorative power of Epsom Salts, and make an appointment with her for pain resolution and management. or 519-954-9168

"As a Naturopathic Doctor and Bowen Therapist, I have a special interest in women’s hormones, and pain resolution and management. Having studied various body healing techniques; I have found Bowen to be the most successful in treating pain, and even in healing hormonal imbalances in the body. Relaxation of the muscles is key in the alleviation of pain and in the restoration of body balance. I often recommend Epsom salt baths, in patients that are able to use them, following Bowen treatments! These baths are not only wonderful for muscle pain relief, they are also great for detoxing the body and calming the nervous system! It is an important addition to my Bowen work allowing for a more speedy recovery in my patients!"

-Dr. Stephanie Farwell, Naturopathic Doctor, Stephanie Farwell, Naturopathic Doctor, Bowen Therapist, Reiki Master